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Spa Repair

Spa Repair

Access/Service Requirements

Being in the PNW poses challenges when servicing Spas throughout the Seasons. Based on our prior experience we have the following requests so we may maintain our affordable rates and quality of service.

  • There must be clear access to your spa. Pathways clear from vegetation overgrowth, accessible gates, community gate codes, etc.
  • Winter access: there must be a plowed pathway to your spa. Additional charges will be applied if we are required to shovel a path to service your Spa.
  • Winter access: there must be a maintained road to your property. Failure to gain access may result in missed services and costs for time lost.
  • Repairs in December-February: Roads or driveways deemed dangerous for our staff per our discretion are not available for service during these months.
  • Repairs in March-May are possible contingent on weather and if deemed safe by our Management.

Due to limited ability to obtain parts, we currently do not offer repairs on Hot Springs/Caldera/Watkins Spas.


Repair Request Form

I have read and agree to the Access/Service Requirements.

Requests for repair will be sent a Service Agreement via email. Once signed, our Admin will be in contact with you immediately to get your repair scheduled.

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